My First HighFive Your Life Blog!

Giving a high five is a universal and well understood symbol of congratulations and celebration. There is no language barrier or cultural interpretation that gets in the way. It just feels good to all those involved. I’m sure that most people have given or seen given multiple high fives. What is less certain is whether people ever give themselves a high five. When was the last time you actually said to yourself that you did a nice job at something? Are we so self-critical that we do not notice the incredible things that surround us every day?

Is a high five to be reserved for only those making amazing plays in sports or is watching your kid catch his or her first fish or getting to hug grandma or finding a nugget of wisdom in your life’s experiences also deserving of a high five?

A high five is normally a two person exchange. Combine the words “high five” into one word – HighFive – and let that represent a high five given by you to you. HighFive Your Life is a message for all to look for the good in your life.

This blog, like the soon to be published book, is not an exhaustive attempt to “teach” you about happiness or to reveal some previously unknown scientific research concerning happiness. Instead, I hope it provides a catalyst for a thought provoking and inspired search for peace and happiness, the possibilities of which are already woven into the fabric of your life. I will share some of my life’s stories. I will use them to share several concepts or principles that have helped me find peace and happiness in this life. I will invite you to comment on the principles that I have shared but also ask you to share other principles that you may discover in the same story.

I hope that throughout this blog you can relate to these stories in a way that makes your own life’s stories begin to glitter with gold as you find the treasures in the principles of life that are there and that you own. I hope that you feel a desire to share some of your stories and the principles that you discovered in them. Your life is truly deserving of a high five.

                                                            HighFive Your Life

11 thoughts on “My First HighFive Your Life Blog!”

  1. Happiness is like jam, you can’t spread even a little without getting some on yourself.

    – Vern McLellan –
    Enjoyed the read and hope to read your book! I’m not much of a blogger either but I must go kicking and screaming into the 21st Century…best regards, Cindy

    1. I just started the book and it is very intriguing and engaging. I love the life principles that it teaches. I’m excited about the blog posts.

  2. I have known Gary for over 5 years now, each time I see him he lights up my life. Gary, I can’t wait to read your book. I just wish we had known each other way earlier in life – you have taught me so much. Don’t worry about the book, it is already a winner because it was written by you, a winner, right?

  3. Wonderful Gary!! Loved reading your blog and can’t wait to read your book. You are always so wise and positive, if only the world could be more like you!! Love you our dear friend.

  4. Gary… Wow!! Very interesting surprise. I believe that on more than one occasion I heard you say that “some day you would write a book.” Congratulations on bringing that to fruition. I could probably write a book by simply remembering the many great “life” stories that you always found a way to inter-twine into our company meetings. Your stories and ideas always very appropriately gave relevance to our focus and direction. “No Tomatoes!” Marta and I look forward to reading your book, and also to future blogs. Welcome Home!! –Ern

    1. You two are great examples of having a wonderful attitude about life. Please don’t hesitate to share your wisdom each week when I post the blog. Next Monday’s blog will have a video of Niner reminding us about desire!!

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