A Wish or A Desire?

A Wish or A Desire?

The power of a wish is strong enough to make you blow out some candles or throw a coin in a well. The power of desire changes the world. When we catch fire regarding a plan or a job or a relationship, we will move mountains to make something happen.

How are you feeling today about the projects on your “to do” list. Is the fire there to get things accomplished or are you just checking them off? Surely we all have to do things that we just have to do whether we want to or not. However, the more that we can work and play in the areas where we have a passion, the more we will see the impact that desire can have on our productivity and enjoyment.

If you find that you constantly spend your energy in areas about which you do not have passion, it would seem that you have several choices.

1. Endure.

2. Try to understand the area that is consuming your energy to see if by understanding it better and more completely, you might be able to develop a passion for it.

3. Endure and do your best until you are able to make a change that better lines up with your passions.

Often this is not a cut and dried decision but is complicated by the many variables and factors that we must confront and contend with in our everyday lives. Change may come slow or not at all. Change may be hard. Change may require resources that we do not have. However, generally speaking, after taking all of that into account, if we continue to look for ways to work and play in areas about which we are passionate, we will wake up in the morning with a zeal to engage life more fully. We may not get all that we want but at least we are exerting all the control that we do have on the situtation.

 A “wish” to make these changes happen may simply not  have enough power to change your paradigm. It may take true desire to make the  necessary changes. In that instance, desire plays a role both to take your from your present day circumstances where you are not living with passion to a point where your efforts and energy line up more directly with your passions and desire plays out daily throughout your day.

I would like to introduce you to my dog Niner. Do you think that he has a “wish” to go for a walk or a “desire” to go for a walk?

Take a moment to play the video below.

Or click here if the video does not load: http://youtu.be/7jRZiCaksgI


HighFive Your Life Principle: When possible, work and play in the areas where you have a passion and watch the impact that desire can have on your productivity and enjoyment. 

Please share your comments regarding this HighFive Your Life principle or any others you may have discovered in the video. Thank you for keeping your comments appropriate for all readers.  HighFive Your Life…Gary

3 thoughts on “A Wish or A Desire?”

  1. I enjoy your blogs very much and find they are in fact full of great direction and principle. I also started reading your book. So far (about half way through) it has been an entertaining very easy read that is as enlightening as your blogs.Keep up the great work of motivating and touching peoples lives, God bless you and your family.

    1. Rachel…thank you for taking the time to comment on the blog and read the book. I think you will have fun looking at all of the fun and crazy things that go on in life and trying to find the principle that is best explained by it. I appreciate your candor expressed while visiting our store. You have a beautiful family! Take care. GL

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