No Food in the Cupboards.

 “These things I command you, that ye love one another”

Jesus Christ

A very important feature in my church’s congregation is the assignment to take care of or watch over several other families in the congregation. This is minimally accomplished by a monthly visit with a short lesson. Since the congregational leader (the Bishop) is a non-paid ecclesiastical leader and has a normal job in addition to his church duties, this supports his role to watch over the flock. From a practical perspective, it also allows for a very organized way to communicate in the case of emergencies and to respond quickly in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

On one such assignment I visited a family that was suffering from tremendous health and financial burdens. I inquired as to whether there were any problems I could help them with to which they said no. We had a brief meeting and I left to be about my own business. Later that day the Bishop went by and visited the same family and found that their cupboards were bare. He immediately made sure that they received the food they needed.

The only possible reason they could have had for not sharing the dire emergency they were in with me was that they did not trust me or feel that I sincerely cared for them. I suppose that there may have been some truth in their assessment. To some extent, I fulfilled my obligation to visit the family not because I was worried about their well-being but because I wanted to be obedient to my assignment. I wanted to fulfil my duty. I cared for sure but the Bishop visited the family because he loved them and was worried about them. We all know that the difference between the two is easy to detect.

The HighFive Your Life principle is to remember that it is good to try to love one another and serve one another because we are supposed to but it is better when we actually learn to love one another because it is our desire to do so. The main things that get in the way, generally, are our pride, laziness, judgemental attitude and selfish ambitions. My natural default position is that I would rather be on 10,000 acres all by myself (with family). I know, however, that when I offer my sincere help to others, or others offer their sincere help to me or my family, it feels right. It is timelessly right. It is robust in its “rightness”. It is a good place to be and a reliable producer of good feelings. There will be more joy in the world when we all learn to love and serve one another for the right reasons.

HighFive Your Life principle: Remember that it is good to love one another and serve one another because we are supposed to but it is better when we serve and love one another because it is our desire to do so.


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One thought on “No Food in the Cupboards.”

  1. Joy comes from serving others. We sometimes forget how blessed we are when we put others needs above our own. I’m going to make it a point today to reach out and serve someone else. Thanks for the “check-up”!

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