A True Family

My normal Sunday post will be skipped today to honor the husband of a dear friend. Tim LeMaster died tragically in a motorcycle accident on the way home from work on Sept. 12. Gina and Tim had been married for 28 years.

The service today that was held in his behalf was a celebration of his life. It was held outside under an oak tree with the cool breeze and surrounding clouds providing a beautiful setting. Tim had stated before that when he left this world he wanted it to be a party and not a sad affair. Today each member of the family picked out a favorite song that helped them connect with him.  It was played over the loudspeaker. Their speeches flowed with love and pureness such that you could tell that this family knew what it meant to be a family in all ways. There is no way that this blog could write all that was said about this strong man. For those that heard the service, it made you wish that you have known him better.

They accomplished what Tim had requested. It was a celebration. As his wife concluded her words and said that God and family were what held them together during this time of horrific trial we in the audience could tell that she spoke from her heart.

The final song of the afternoon was Free Bird and they played the whole concert version. I closed my eyes and swayed to the music and let myself feel the peacefulness and rightness of the whole service. Tim’s father and his family celebrated Tim’s life and in so doing, allowed us for just a few moments to change from just being friends to becoming family.

My hat is off to Tim and Gina for accomplishing what all of us are trying to do…to build a family of values and convictions and a mutual respect and love for each other. You did it Tim…in your own way…you did it…be free my man.

2 thoughts on “A True Family”

  1. I too was so touched by the service today. I left today feeling much different than I normally do when leaving a memorial service or funeral. I left inspired to strive to make those family bonds and connections with my children as Tim and Gina did with their family. I know they are all in terrible shock, but it really surprised me how they all agreed that Tim leaving them now was part of God’s plan, and even if they don’t understand, they know it will work out. Honestly, it was so touching to see such a close family. In today’s world we often hear so many negative, horrible things. Yes, this was a terrible, horrific accident, but I think the words which were expressed by the family touched so many lives, that Tim would be so proud.

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