Is that Plane Going to Hit Us?

    When I was younger, I attended a one week “fat farm” in northwest Florida. I had just been married and I was making a renewed attempt to be healthy. What an experience! Upon arrival, all of our personal property such as money and razors were taken and stored. The idea was that it would reduce our ability to sneak out of the beach motel to grab some late night treats. The day was spent with early morning meditation, stretching and exercise, healthy meals, classes on holistic health issues and many walks on the beach.

Though I was really glad when it was over, I actually enjoyed my time there. The people were interesting, the classes insightful and I lost some weight. There were a couple 400 plus pounders there who had trouble walking and getting around in general. One of them had weighed over 1000 pounds and was on the way down. What an effort he was making. I weighed about 265 and was still very athletic so I was not really in the same crisis that these people faced.

One evening on one of our suggested/required walks on the beach, I had the wonderful company of a lady from out of country. She was a delightful person and I enjoyed our conversation and exercise. On the way back we noticed a plane over the ocean off to our right. It was dark and you could see his lights. You could also hear the engine sputtering and then it went quiet. We could see it turn and head towards the beach and us. As it got closer we began to take it a little more seriously. It looked like the plane was going to try to land on the beach!

I grabbed the lady by both arms and moved her in front of me ready to move both of us to the left or right depending on what the plane did. This happened in an instant and a few seconds later the plane flew well over our head and header further down the beach where I assume he landed.

It was a thriller for both of us and added some excitement to our stroll on the beach. I don’t remember anything else relating to this incident but have since wondered what she must have thought when I grabbed both of her arms and put her in front of me! I had her there so that I could protect her but she must have had at least a little concern that I had placed her between me and the propeller. She never said anything but had she not known me at least a little, we could have easily had a misunderstanding.

Sometimes we just simply don’t understand why people do what they do. You can HighFive Your Life by pausing for a moment when you perceive that someone is trying to take advantage of you or hurt you. It is so easy to take hearsay, gossip or a neighbor’s slip of the tongue and begin to build a whole case to support a position that hurts you. Often, later you find out that your case is filled with partial truths and out of context remarks that are quickly resolved with a face to face conversation with that person.

HighFive Your Life Principle: In the face of hurtful information, pause for a moment to make sure that the information that you have received is truthful and accurate. Don’t build a case around hollow information.

Please share stories from your life regarding this principle. If you would like to follow the weekly blog, please press the “follow” prompt. Thank you for keeping your comments appropriate for all readers.

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