My Dad Owns a Postcard Making Company……Not!

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have brains enough to be honest.”
Benjamin Franklin


We have great memories of coming to Daytona Beach for spring break during college. I lived in Kissimmee, Florida and often played host when my college friends visited from up north. On one such trip we took my parent’s bus they used to transport tourists to and from their hotel and used it as our home base on the beach. We were living the dream…we had it all except for one very important ingredient of spring break…..the girls!

We finally started telling the ladies as they walked by that one of our fathers had a postcard  making company and asked if they would like to have their picture taken. This ruse actually worked as evidenced by the picture below. When I say that it worked what I mean to say is that our little lie broke the ice  but none of us had the necessary skill set, good looks, or charm to ever close the deal…no dinner or dancing or romancing for us.


We had fun however and no serious damage was done  to anyone with our little attempt at trickery. I wish that all forms of gags and tricks and fun could be as innocent and harmless. I think the creativity of youth should be encouraged even as we grow older and more set in our ways. Creating venues where our minds can travel through and beyond the restrictions of life instead of always bouncing back upon us as they strive to escape our self-imposed confines is healthy.

You know your life’s routine well because it looks very similar to a rut. Sometimes it is just too hard to remember that life can be carefree and fun. That sounds impossible to me at this stage in my life with all of the countless burdens that are on my shoulders. But there is a place somewhere yet in this life where we can once again feel the wind on our face and have it make us close our eyes and relax.…where the sound of your favorite high school song makes you want to dance, where the sunrise is not just a welcome sign that the tough day is finally ending….where the start of a new day is filled with light thoughts of anticipation, peace, enjoyment and excitement.

Finding this place comes from within and also from without. Peace comes from within when we align our lives with our core beliefs. It comes from without when we make wise choices with the things we can control. Many things are outside our control but for the ones that we can control, we need to make decisions that allow us to find this place. Addictive behaviours such as porn, alcohol, and poor eating habits rob us of this place. Debt, hate, anger, and the inability to forgive, also rob us of this place.

In the New Testament, Jesus said:  “Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.” (Luke 6:21)

I am not a psychologist but I don’t need to be one to know that the levity of youth is not meant just for the youth. As adults we are expected to bear the burdens of life and they are unavoidable.  We are also expected to have joy and peace and happiness. We need to not be afraid or hesitant to find that place where life still considers and promises what lies ahead in great anticipation instead of constantly viewing the beaten path that we have been on.

The HighFive Your Life principle: Remind yourself of the levity of life that you once knew and seek to align your life to be able to achieve it once again.

 Please share stories from your life regarding this principle. If you would like to follow the weekly blog, please press the “follow” prompt. Thank you for keeping your comments appropriate for all readers.

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