Release Your Inner Spark

“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

 The electric wires performed a spell binding dance as they contacted each other and sparks flew. I was living in an impoverished area of Chile and had kicked or thrown a football that inadvertently hit one of the overhead electric wires causing it to touch the wire above it. They were not insulated and the contact caused both wires to spark and jump. This lead to the wires contacting a little further away and pretty soon this sparking and jumping was spreading further and getting worse. I think somebody had to turn off the power to stop it.

Thank goodness for insulation around electrical wires.  We handle electrical cords without fear of being shocked by the current flowing through them. Thank goodness also for the personal insulation that we build up around us in life that protects us from the very difficult challenges that we sometimes endure. Life is so good and yet it produces, as time goes by, layer upon layer of responsibility and burden as we maneuver our way through it. We begin to build up protective shields around us that enable us to cope…sometimes just survive. We become more cynical and less trusting. We have less energy and less time for foolishness. I think that this is natural and probably not an entirely bad thing.

I also think that sometimes we can become so insulated that it makes the spark inside us unreachable and therefore inconsequential. There is something to be said about those old electric wires sparking in Chile…the sparking grew and grew. The sparking and vitality of life is infectious if we ever can get through the insulation we have grown. When one person is able to cut through this insulation and release their spark, the rest of us want to do the same. We need to seek ways to accomplish this so that the insulation we create on our outside to be able to endure life does not become like the plaque that grows on the inside of our blood vessels that would seek to restrict and destroy life.

When was the last time you “let your hair down” and kicked up your heels and just had a good time?… when you laughed and felt for a moment like the weight of the world was no longer resting upon your shoulders?…and you did it without alcohol or medication?

Let’s find those times again and let the sparks fly!

The HighFive Your Life principle is let the sparks of your life responsibly free.

Please share stories from your life regarding this principle. If you would like to follow the weekly blog, please press the “follow” prompt. Thank you for keeping your comments appropriate for all readers.

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