The Caterpillar that Could

 “To begin the journey with the gifts and character that you already have is more important than to stand frozen unable to take the next step because you doubt your ability to complete it.”  GL

 While out jogging on a country road near my home I spotted a caterpillar just beginning its arduous and risky journey  to cross the pavement. I kept running but thought that this poor hard working but slow moving creature would never make it to the other side. I was not thinking about the caterpillar as I neared my home at the end of my run on the opposite side of the road.To my great surprise, I saw this caterpillar again…this time safely reaching the other side of the road. I actually was happy for this bug! It had survived being eaten by birds or crushed by cars or cooked by the hot sun. It made the trip against the odds!

Sometimes we never begin our journey because we are afraid of taking the first step. I wonder how many feet move when a caterpillar takes its “first step”. We only have to move one when we take ours!

Consider the amount of time that you think or hope you have allotted yet to live on this beautiful earth and the bucket list of things you would like to do or accomplish. Choose one. That is your first step. Maybe you would like to learn another language or learn to dance or learn how to play an instrument. Maybe a trip to a new place or an exciting adventure is at the top of your list. Maybe you want to record the lives of the older people in your family while they are still around and full of stories to tell…stories that will go with them to the grave never to be shared again with those yet to be born into your family.

Take the first step. It can be a small one but take it. You may glance up one day with a happy and perhaps surprised look when you find yourself on the other side of the road with the journey behind you. Small steps…caterpillar steps. See you on the other side!

HighFive Your Life Principle: Get started on your journey without further delay.

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