Is “Too Much of A Good Thing” Bad?

Unfortunately the answer is probably yes for most of us.On the rare occasion that we actually are able to get “too much of a good thing” the newness and the greatness and the unbelievably goodness of this thing just tends to wear off. Part of what makes it a “good thing” is the very fact that we just don’t get it all the time.

Its like fertilizer. Below is a picture of a spot of grass in my yard that one of my kids fertilized. On the outside of the picture you can see the grass that looks like it could use more fertilizer. On the inside of that you can see the nice plush long green grass where the fertilizer was spread just right. In the middle you can see the dead grass where so much fertilizer was put down that it actually killed my grass.


The HighFive Your Life principle is to simply recognize that while the pursuit of the “good thing” is not a bad thing, sometimes the prize is not what it seems it would be…sometimes too much of the icing on the cake will make you sick…sometimes becoming richer makes you poorer…sometimes less is more…………..get the idea….more or less?

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