Singing Out of Tune

The culmination of our Thespians club in high school each year was the state finals. There were four of us in our one-act play and I played a modern-day Adam and my wife Eve was a lush. The setting was a back yard BBQ and my two sons Cain and Able were my very best friends in high school.

At this competition the most crucial scene for me was when I discovered my son Able murdered. My intense and dramatic response to this scene was hampered by the stage steps tipping over as I came toward my best friend who was now the slain Able. Instead of riveting my audience with heart breaking and saddened emotions, I heard giggling ripple across the front rows. It made me feel as fake as my costume mustache.

In the end, the review for my performance by the judges was simple and to the point…”Adam was bad”. I had a lot of fun with the Thespians club in our high school but I will always remember that performance that helped clarify my career choices.

Real life bloopers are common to each of us. It could be in a one-act play but mostly they are found in our real life experiences.  Singing out of tune or off pitch is what I remember about my dad’s  singing and he was always singing around the house.  Too often that “off key” performance is what is remembered by us and those around us instead of the rest of the beautiful song and performance otherwise taking place in our lives.

Let’s let 2013 be the year that we forgive the mistakes and embrace the incredible life performances taking place all around us. Forgiveness is what creates harmony in our lives… not  perfect performances.

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One thought on “Singing Out of Tune”

  1. Such a sweet message and so true!! Life isn’t perfect and it is the imperfect times that we post in our journals, pass down through the generations and laugh about over and over!! Isn’t it great to know that we are all in the same boat, trying to stay afloat!! Love ya, Sharon

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