The Owl Attack!!

Each year we are fortunate to have a pair of horned owls return to a tree outside our upstairs window and make a nest. It is always in the same oak tree and in the same fork in the limbs. They are beautiful. The hoo hooing each night is somehow soothing and comforting once you get past the fact that it is loud and constant. The owls are pictured  below.


They have arrived again this year and what I suppose is MaMa owl is already sitting on her nest. She is always there and we love to show her off to anybody that drops by the house. (as if we had anything to do with it…)

IMG_4966 - Version 2

I also have a yard full of squirrels and my mother-in-law next door has 5 cats. The squirrels scamper all through the oak tree near the nest and are not intimidated at all by the owls. That surprises me as I would have thought that the squirrel would have made a tasty treat for MaMa owl.

This week I was walking by our house near the tree watching my mother in law’s cat slowly stroll across my path about 20 feet in front of me. Suddenly the PaPa owl came swooping across the lawn. I could see it but the cat had no clue. In a split second the owl was on the cat but to my surprise only hit his back with his claws and kept on flying. It appears that it was just a warning to the cat that he shouldn’t be in the area and that next time the outcome might be different. This happened 20 feet in front of me and was a beautiful sight to behold.

Do you have any warning signs happening in your life right now? Is the heart attack owl hitting you on the head saying you had better live a more healthy life style or the outcome may not be as you had hoped? Has the financial disaster owl hit you on the head and said you had better change your ways and live within your means or you are going to be underwater. Has the hateful owl of pride hit you in the head and warned you that if you don’t forgive more and adopt a kinder disposition with those around you that you are going to be miserable in your old age?

I hope we all get a warning like that cat. The alternative is to get no warning and to find yourself flying through the air in the claws of the enemy with no options left.

The Highfive Your Life Principle is to simply be grateful for the warnings in life and to heed them by making the adjustments necessary  in your life.

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