55 and Up and at Em!


I saw this sign as I drove around the parking lot at the public library this week and instead of jumping at the very desirably placed close parking space, I felt a tinge of resentment or pride…or ok…maybe just a little anger. I seemed to want to say..wait a minute…am I supposed to need some special favors or treatment because I am now 55…is “55 and up” the standard for needing special assitance? I can understand a handicap parking spot being close to the door but that is for somebody who has a legitimate injury or ailment with a doctor’s excuse and needs to be accommodated. Is turning 55 a sign of my feebalinity? (yes I made up that word). I would have preferred it if they complimented my seniority by changing the words just a little….”55 and up and at em” would better describe those of us who still want to challenge life when we are yet 45 years away from being 100.

Granted my body aches like never before and it is a little harder to get up than it used to be but I am still “up and at em” everyday. Am I so feeble that somebody had to recognize me on a parking sign? While young people sleep soundly through the night I take advantage of the quiet time. I get my exercise in by getting in and out of bed at least five times to got to the bathroom. I would like to see a young person keep up with that kind of workout schedule.

This nightly exercise routine is complimented by constantly walking around with something hurting somewhere..but do I stop? Heck no.. I press forward through the pain or I would never get my mail at the post office or those hash browns at the diner. I think a younger man would just give up but not me…I just keep going. Is that the sign of a feeble man?

And could you expect a younger man to keep track of 6 pairs of reading glasses and multiple bottles of medicine? Of course not…are you getting the picture now? I think it is clear who the feeble ones are and it’s not those over 55 who fight everyday to keep the old ticker ticking. We are “up and at em” everyday.

I drove past that parking spot and found one a lot further away just to show them who I am. The walk into the building was made without further ado. Feeble? No not even close….has anyone seen my glasses or Ibuprofen?

HighFive Your Life Principle: I can’t remember.

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