What is a Peacemaker?

Don’t we all want to be around “peacemakers”?

It is customary in our church to give a newborn baby “a name and a blessing” by way of an ordinance. I enjoyed doing this for each of my four children some twenty years ago but I do not remember anything that I said except in two instances. In one of these instances I got the name of the baby wrong which seems, now as it did then, pretty hard to do!

Gary photos 048_2

In the other instance, I blessed my only daughter to be a “peacemaker”. That has stuck out in my mind from time to time as the years have rolled by. As she grew up and interacted within our family it was not conclusively observable that she had become a peacemaker. She is an incredible young lady with tremendous confidence and character….but she has a stubborn side and I did not see her reaching out with extraordinary effort to “create peace” with her siblings.

I have considered more deeply what constitutes a “peacemaker” and have reached a conclusion that I think better identifies what a peacemaker does instead of what a peacemaker is. In short, this person is someone who gives more that what is fair but all that is required and does not seek recompense for the difference. Using this definition, my wife, who is not the quiet peacemaker type image that I previously had in mind, is the ultimate peacemaker. She gives tirelessly to others always putting her personal desires behind those of her family. We do not deserve all that she gives to us and yet she keeps giving and giving. Our’s is a home that  hears its share of loud directives (shouting) and tearful pleadings (anxiety) but that is because my wife lives with a bunch of knuckleheads( the rest of us).

This past week my wife and I said goodbye to our 19-year-old daughter as she entered the Missionary Training Center (MTC) where she will begin her 1 1/2 year church mission to Sweden. We will miss her but are overwhelmed by the joy we have of knowing the good that she will be doing.

IMG_5339  IMG_5352


It is now becoming clear how the blessing she received as a baby will become a reality. As a missionary she will dedicate herself to serving the people of Sweden. She will receive no payment for her services other than the joy that comes from serving others. She will give more of herself to others than what would be deemed “fair” but will give all of herself that is required, never expecting compensation for her efforts. She will become the peacemaker that she was blessed to become.

Thank goodness for people like my wife and daughter who choose to be this way. Thank goodness for everyone who does the same. I for one always want to be in the presence of a peacemaker.

HighFive Your Life Principle: Choose to give more than what is fair, all that is required, and expect no compensation for the difference.

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