Everything Has Its Season


Everything has its season. Use the above picture of an orange tree from my yard as an example. On this tree you will find ripe fruit, green fruit, and if you look closely enough, buds and blossoms for next year’s crop. I think we would all agree that we need to harvest the fruit that is ripe, give the green fruit a little more time, and keep watering, fertilizing and nurturing the buds that still have a long time to grow.

Understanding this principle of different “seasons” in life will help each of us understand and manage the many different challenges that face us.  It could be children that perform and mature differently or a marriage relationship gone sour, or frustration with your progress at work. The great task before you is to try to identify where you are in each challenge’s “season”.  Only then can you come up with your very best solution to these challenges. Applying time constraints to your life’s roadmap may be good as a general guideline but in actuality may end up being frustrating. Our life’s template for other’s only has a chance of working if you take out the restriction of time which we always tend to place in it.

Often our idea of timing is not the way things eventually go. As you become aware of the “seasons” around you it is more likely that you will pick the ripe fruit, give  more time to the green fruit and just nurture the blossoms and buds. You will find that your life tends to de-stress a little and that you become an even greater helper for those that find themselves within your circle of influence.

HighFive Your Life Principle: Harvest what is ripe and relax with what is not.

I would love to hear your thoughts or messages regarding this theme.

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