Protect that Which You Think Is Beautiful

IMG_5662I have been so excited about the bird feeders I recently placed in my yard. I can see the cardinals and other birds eat out of the feeders from my kitchen window and somehow it just makes me feel good. It is a beautiful thing.

A few days ago I noticed that the feed had gone down drastically in a short period of time and soon discovered the culprit. The squirrels had discovered my treats. Their feeding was intense and soon the green lid on the container was off and the squirrels were on the inside of the feeder. It was bird feeder chaos! It  was apparent that I would need to add a squirrel prevention device if I wanted to keep feeding the birds that I have enjoyed watching so much.

IMG_5860   IMG_5880
There is a similarity is this short story with anything that you find beautiful. It seems there is always something that wants to destroy it or its beauty.  The attractive lure of pornography and the availability of it in our homes to our children twists and shades the beauty of the creation of life and the beauty of the digital revolution. With all of the electronic devices such as TVs and computers and phones that our children are exposed to, they are bombarded with opportunities to be exposed to pornography before we even know what hit them.
Countless studies prove that there are overwhelming negative effects of this addictive behavior and that without a protective and defensive game plan, the lure is too attractive for many to resist. The beautiful and useful purpose of the electronic devices in your home, if left unguarded, may begin to feed something that is less beautiful and harmful to their normal maturing and growth.
Some simple things you can do:
1. Don’t allow computers or laptops or IPads behind closed doors. Keep a family computer in full view of the rest of the room and don’t hesitate to look over your children’s shoulder to see what they are working on.
2. Make sure that you use a reliable filter for your computer.
3. Consider sites such as to purchased DVD filters that allow you to make R rated movies that you rent anywhere play as a PG movie or at whatever filter level you desire. We have used this service for years and love it.
4. Read your children’s phone messages. Let them know that privacy at this age is not an entitlement.
5. Monitor and limit what is watched on TV.
There are many more things you can do. The biggest point that I wanted to get across is that you must have a plan that protects what you want to keep beautiful. Do not leave it to chance. It is just a matter of time before the squirrels figure out what is going on and the result is unwanted chaos. Be smart. Make a plan and do it.

I wonder if my wife will miss the trash can I took from the house? It makes a perfect squirrel protector!

HighFive Your Life Principle: Protect that which you think is beautiful from that which will otherwise destroy it.

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