Is Life Like a Train on Tracks or Like a Person With a Map and Compass?

A short thought today…

There are so many decisions to make each week that sometimes we feel overwhelmed with the thought of just getting up each morning to attack the day. I have pondered that if perhaps there were a choice between two types of lives that we could lead, which would we choose?

The first type of life would be as if you were on a train with tracks laid years before you ever even boarded. How nice would that be to just sit back and relax and watch life go by. No decisions to make except where to get on and to get off.

The other type of life would be one where you were given a map and a compass and you had to continuously compare your position on the map with landmarks. Corrections and adjustments in your course would have to be made often. Decisions would be plentiful. Judgement would be tested. Mistakes would be made.

More could be said in order to elaborate on each type of lifestyle choice. However, for the purpose of making a brief observation, if you had to entrust your child into the care of either the person who had gone through life on the train or the person who had to find his way with a map and compass, which would you chose?

HighFive Your Life Principle: This life is a time to be tested and to learn. Our trials and how we handle them are the molds into which our souls are poured. Life is good..even with all the trials we face…nay, it is good because of all the trials we face.

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