Don’t Blow me Over!

IMG_2131_2     IMG_2130

What happens when the very thing  that makes you work…the thing that is the reason  for your existence and seems to be your very purpose, becomes stronger and more powerful than you to the point where you are no longer useful or important?

For example, the weather vane at the top of our tall barn is useful because the wind that it tracks swings the vane around to tell us from which way the wind is blowing. The wind is a partner in this symbiotic relationship. In the next picture on that same barn you get an idea of what might happen if the wind goes from a symbiotic relationship to a dominate relationship. The weather vane is no longer viable or useful. The wind destroyed it.

Look around at all of the symbiotic relationships that exist…relationships that are interdependant……your spouse, your work, your children, your church, your government, your friends. It is up to you to make sure that the balance that should exist in these relationships is there. You need to do your part and do your best to make sure that the other’s part is done as well. Peace and harmony come from a gentle warm breeze and a well oiled vane working together to fulfill their purpose. Nobody benefits when the storm comes in and takes over.

HighFive Your Life Principle: Do your part to interact well with those around you but do not allow the other in the relationship to blow you over to the point where you lose the beauty of your purpose and the independence of your thought and action…and oh by the way…make sure that you let those around you have the same privilege.

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