The Banana Note

Recently I joined a group from our church to help get a camp ready for the kids that will be there this summer. There were about 60-80 volunteers and we painted, pressure washed, mulched, cleaned and much more. It was a good thing done for those that needed our help.

In addition to the good hard work that was performed I noticed that one of the older men in our group took a banana to his wife who had been at the sign in table. He wrote her name on the banana to make sure she got it. Simple but a sign of his love, caring and concern for her.

photo (2)

My wife is not known for leaving love notes around for me. We have been married for almost 25 years and any hope of opening my suitcase in some far off hotel and finding a note from my wife that says “I already miss you” has long since evaporated. That is just not her way of showing or expressing her love for me.

In fact, 10-15 years after we were married, I was at scout camp with our boys and this lack of expression of love through notes raised its questionably ugly head. I was there for 5 days and I was miserable sleeping in a tent and watching over each of the boys in their effort to earn as many merit badges as possible. An Asst. Scout Master was making the journey back and forth from the camp and our hometown and on one such trip he brought me a note from my wife. I couldn’t believe it! I was so surprised. It was sweet and just made me feel so good. I still have that note in my journal.

Some years later while talking with this same guy it came out that he had actually written the note and not my wife!! I was taken back at first but soon it became a laughing matter and still gets a giggle out of me from time to time. What was I thinking??? I should have known.

We all express our love differently but we should all express it constantly. Notes or sacrifice or taking out the garbage or ironing a shirt or doing more than our part and doing it constantly is one of the glues that seals a marriage or strengthens a relationship. Sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes it takes a little more effort. Either way, do it. You will find that as the years go by the layers of love written in your own unique way will help you withstand the stormy periods that otherwise would create unnecessary uncertainty in your relationship.

HighFive Your Life Principle: Whatever your chosen method or methods used to express your love, do it often….even if it is on the skin of a banana.

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One thought on “The Banana Note”

  1. Hey, If I could attach a photo I would show you the mirror over my bathroom sink. Some years back Jon started writing notes on my mirror with my lipstick. There are three love notes still there. The most recent note was so low that I couldn’t see my face, so I had to clean that one. 😦 I have, also, written him a couple of notes in return. I love having those reminders of his love in front of me several times a day!

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