Road Rage or Road Sage?

The head on collision in front of my home left a mother dead, her son traumatized and the other driver burdened for the rest of his life. Alcohol was rumored to be part of the cause. What a senseless tragedy for all involved.

Don’t you sometimes wonder how we can drive on two lane highways with oncoming traffic heading our way at 55 mph, separated from our vehicle by just a narrow painted line in the middle of the road? Both drivers trust that the other is going to stay on their side and in most cases it works. We set up rules (like no texting) but by in large we accept that this is an efficient mode of travel and worth the overall risk to humanity.

There are two main incentives that make this road system work. First, everyone wants to get somewhere (so there is an incentive to move) and second, everyone wants to stay alive. We each trust that the other driver is going to stay on their side of the road, not doze off etc because we assume that they also want to live.

I love to compare this to our journey through life in this simple way. The road system is efficient and accomplishes its task, but the highway system of life does so much more. We assume that those people around us in everyday life “want to get somewhere” and  “want to live”  but it sometimes seems like the opposite is true. In the highway system of life we have the great advantage of being able to add a third incentive to the two that make the road system for our vehicles work.

This additional incentive is the desire to help the other guy get somewhere and sometimes even help the other guy want to live. Though you may do a good deed while driving around by stopping to help out a stranded motorist or give somebody a ride, this aid is relatively simplistic. Soon the good deed is done and you are on your way.

In the highway of life there is no getting off. Many of the people who need your help are in your family and they will be around for a long time. People out in their cars experience road rage only because there is no time to get to know each other, laugh talk etc etc. If there were, these same two people could be best buddies instead of shouting at each other at an intersection. You know that this is true.

This road rage also manifests itself in our families when we dart around doing our tasks and checking our lists and treating those around us like they are somehow slowing down our day and keeping us from getting where we need to be. Though we hold efficieincy in very high regard, we also hold love and compassion in even higher regard…if we take the time to think about it…if we become a road sage.

The HighFive Your Life principle is to be a Road Sage…a highway of life peacemaker who as busy as life may get, still keeps the third incentive alive…the desire to see those around you get to where they want to be and to live their lives to their fullest. The secret is that you will find that as you do this you will actually get to where you need to go and live a much richer life than if you chose to concentrate only on your own trip.

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P.S. Week one on the Sniper Diet was a success. My wife brought me an ice cream bar and I turned her down. Two weeks to go and I am doing fine.

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