The Tornado Hit Us!


Our small town of Tangerine, Florida is never mentioned on the news but last week it was. A tornado warning was issued and the weatherman was saying that it was heading our way. You could see the dark red circle on the radar and it looked ominous.

Looking outside of our old brick home you would have never expected such severe weather. It looked like a normal Florida storm. In fact at some point it was quiet with no wind or rain. I stood at the doorway of our home with my camera taking video. The news said it was coming our way and I wanted to be ready.

Soon the wind started blowing through the tops of the trees. It got harder and harder. I called for my wife to come downstairs. The rain came slowly at first and then harder and then turned to hail. I was trying to keep the screen door open so I could film but the wind and rain became too strong to hold it.

The intensity of the storm was frightening. As I moved to the back porch where I could film without getting wet my camera storage filled up and I was not longer able to film. All of a sudden the wind became horizontal and hit with such force that I knew we had to be in the path of the tornado. Limbs were cracking and falling and debris was everywhere. It lasted just a few seconds but left a path of destruction. The power was off and fallen trees were everywhere. Thank goodness the damage to us and to our neighbors was measured in trees and fences and nothing worse.

The value of the advanced warning for us was incredible. We knew it was coming and so were able to get ready. If we did not have the news on we could have treated it like just another Florida storm passing through.

There is wisdom in heading warnings. We should not live our lives in fear but we should evaluate the warning that are around us and prepare. It is true that the radar system that tracks a storm is much more reliable than the forecasts that opposing experts give us for our economy for example. Not all information and warnings are accurate but we still have to do our best to filter through the information that is out there to best prepare our families for the storms that lie ahead.

Have we saved some money for a rainy day? Do we have adequate food supplies in our home in case of signficant shortages or shutdowns in stores? A simple plan to prepare your home can be inexpensive and well worth the peace of mind to know you are ready.

Do we heed the warnings about our health or any of the many issues that confront us? Preparation and planning can turn a nightmare into a manageable crisis.

HighFive Your Life principle: Use your own brain and wisdom to filter through the warnings of life that are appropriate and right for you and your family and do something to prepare for them.

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