The Embers of Friendship

After the recent tornado ripped through our property in Florida, the yard was a mess. Fallen trees and limbs and moss were everywhere. Many came to help and in a day the heavy stuff was taken and reduced to piles around a fire pit and around the yard.

Unfortunately, most of us were soon scheduled to travel which left my wife alone with this mess for several days. After her busy day at work she came home and began to attack the piles of debris and burn them.IMG_4947

I was so proud of her when she sent the before and after pictures and it left me in somewhat disbelief that she had been able to do this in one day all by herself!….but she did and the finished product looked so much better.IMG_0421

But there was still much to be done. Each night she would come home after work and continue to clean up the rest of the yard, throwing the debris on the embers from the previous day ‘s fire. She never had to light it again as the hot coals just started the fire as soon as she put new limbs on the pile.IMG_1874

I have found that the same principle holds true with real friendships. Many times I have  seen a friend that I hadn’t seen for years and we picked right back up where we left off…as if no time had gone by. True friends always have the embers from years gone by hot and ready to start a new fire.

As we grow older and our family’s interests take us in different paths,  it is not only ok but natural for friends to sometimes not see each other for years. It is comforting to know that when paths cross again the rich rewards of  true friendship will still be there and will be enhanced by the varied experiences each has had in the intervening years apart. The embers of friendship stay hot..not for days but for a lifetime…and perhaps forever.

HighFive Your Life Principle: Recognize the incredible strength and bond with your true friends and be thankful that they allow  each to go their own way and chase their own dreams without sacrificing their friendship.

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