RV Ambush

You have a number of choices. You could continue to always fight against people who are really distractions. They’re people in the cheap seats of life. Or you can do what you went there to do.

Clarence Thomas

We had the opportunity to be an RV family for 7 years. We didn’t actually live in one but we owned one and took advantage of every opportunity we had to use it. Some our best family memories with the kids have come from those trips around the country in our RV.

One such trip took us through the south central California. Typically we would get settled into our spot at the RV park in the early evening so we could cook out and maybe ride bikes or do laundry. On this day however it was getting late into the evening and we had still not arrived at the RV park where we would spend the night.

As I turned down a quiet and dark two lane road I came upon an upside down five gallon bucket in the middle of my lane. I slowed and as soon as I did rocks started flying out of the shrubs and weeds on the side of the road. They hit our windshield and of course the broadside of the RV. I gunned it past the bucket and finished our short trip to the RV park the whole time considering what had just happened. Upon our arrival I notified the authorities but have no idea what the outcome was.

In life there is a time to slow down and think and ponder and there is a time to put the pedal to the metal and push through whatever obstacle is in front of you. Clearly this was not a time to stop the RV and get out and invite a discussion. I had my wife and 4 young children with me and was not prepared to protect them.

Perhaps the things going on in your life do not seem fair right now. Maybe you have a desire to stop and figure everything out..to get answers…to get justice. You could be right.

However, it may also be the right course of action to keep pressing forward…to not stop to get all questions answered and all wrongs righted. The truth is that your goal…your destination is what you should keep ever-present in your sights and anything that distracts you from getting there, including things that do not seem fair or right, may best solved on the other end of the journey instead of in the middle of it.

Press forward, get to where you want to be. Get to your safe haven and from there, if you still want to pursue justice and fairness, do it from a position of strength and with the resources to complete your task. Fight the fight on your ground…and make your ground the high ground.

HighFive Your Life Principle: Don’t let distractions, whether fair or unfair, keep you from getting to your final destination. Solve those issues if you must from the end of your journey not the middle.

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