The Power of the Sledge Hammer

When every physical and mental resources is focused, one’s power to solve a problem multiplies tremendously.

 Norman Vincent Peale

     Last week we chatted about how a wedge splits things apart by starting a small crack and applying pressure. I pointed out that it is not the same as the brute force method of delivering results that a sledge hammer employs…in other words, a sledge is not a wedge. Sometimes there is just a need to make things happen in a direct powerful way that relies completely on the impact of the head of the sledge hammer banging against something that wishes it wasn’t there. A cumulation of all resources focused on one problem is powerful.

My pool is a great example of how the sledge hammer principal works but for the purposes of this story we will just call it a sludge hammer!  We  lived away from our home for about a decade and during that time the pool was sometimes maintained and sometimes not. It was not uncommon to come for a visit and find our pool in a deep state of green.


     Since we have moved back we have gained greater control of our pool and it generally looks pretty good. However, recently we lost control because the local raccoons seemed to enjoy using our pool as a bathroom during the night. Eventually the pool company decided that they could not use their pool equipment in our pool any longer. About this time we had a tornado pass through and I went out of town for a month. It all added up to the green monster returning.

     This is where the sludge hammer principle comes in. We put enough chemicals in that pool to get put on somebody’s watch list! We consulted  with pool experts. We vacuumed and cleaned the filter.  It took weeks but we finally brought it back to a beautiful turquoise look. This is still not a clean pool  but we derived some comfort when we thought of the beautiful Lake Louise in Canada where we had vacationed…. Don’t you think they kind of look the same?

photo (21)                                                                         Our Pool



                                                                        Lake Louise

To get the pool back where it needs to be requires a massive effort and a lot of power and energy. Sometimes what is required to solve a problem is simply all you have available and then some. Sometimes we need to just overpower the obstacle in front of us by using a massive array of resources.

As the manager of your life you have access to many resources…probably more than you know. Take a look at the challenges facing you and then write down what is really needed to solve this problem. Now look at your resources and then dig deeper. There are people willing to help that you have not yet thought to ask. Marshall all the resources you need and then get to work.


This is the pool that I love to see!

HighFive Your Life Principle: Marshall all the resources you need to solve a problem and then get to work.

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