Throw a Fit

I played high school football back in the day when water was not given out very often and it was still okay for a coach to give you a forearm to the helmet. I’ll never forget a player next to me apologizing for hitting out of turn in a drill and our head coach turned and with one forearm sent him into a back flip…the reason?…for apologizing after hitting someone. He had my full attention.

One drill that we did was to all get in a “break down” position, with our feet spread apart and our knees slightly bent, the small of our backs arched, our necks bowed all in an effort to be ready for contact. Then the coach would yell “throw a fit”. This command  meant that we had to turn to the guy closest to us and basically run into each other. You would then turn and find the next guy and create another massive collision. It reminds me of a demolition derby where all the cars run into each other. This would go on for a short time and he would blow the whistle and we would all move on to our next drill.

One day he yelled “throw a fit” and I turned and the guy that became my target was named Bruce. He was solid as a house and strong as an ox and I was just a little sophomore. When we collided he must have also hit me with his forearm because he almost knocked me out. I was dazed and stunned and basically incapacitated for a moment. I remember it to this day.

If I had to do it again I would have found someone else to hit.  My brain would have done an instant calculation, a skull and crossbones would have appeared in my vision and my feet would have directed me elsewhere. It would not be a matter of “let’s see if I can make him hurt this time”. He was a wall and there was no going through him.

We know that in life we should get up when we are knocked down. But it does not mean that we need to get up and then run into the same wall again and again. We are given a brain that should serve to help us calculate a smarter way to get over or around that wall without having to run right through it every time. Sometimes we just have a knee jerk prideful reaction to getting knocked down and we just “throw a fit”. Without considering the results we just smash into the same wall again. We lick our wounds but feel good inside because we are trying..then we get up and run into the wall again.

I am not suggesting that there is not value in continuing to try. I am simply suggesting that we can be smarter than the bricks. We can use our ingenuity as a compliment to our no quit attitude and eventually get to the other side of the wall..and once on the other side,if you see Bruce, I recommend that you run the other way!

HighFiveYour Life Principle: When you hit a wall, be smarter than the bricks.

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One thought on “Throw a Fit”

  1. This has to be a “guy thing”, I doubt that any girl would run head on into the next girl in line at the suggestion to: “Throw a fit!”, but I guess that’s what separates the men from the ?????? ha ha Now I see why so many guys have “football problems” as they age……..I’m just saying……Love ya 🙂 🙂 Sharon

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