How’s A Guy Supposed to Know That?

 A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.

Bill Cosby

Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.

 John Wayne

     My wife was not around and I thought I would do a good deed and wash the dishes. Of course we are speaking of using an installed-in-the-counter type dish washer not the sink kind of washing the dishes. So my task consisted of loading the dishwasher, putting in the soap and turning it on. Of course my wife and I don’t even load a dishwasher the same way but that is another story.

All seemed to go well until the flood of water and soap bubbles covered the kitchen floor. That’s when I learned that dishwashing soaps are not always interchangeable. The normal powder that we used was gone so I used some of the liquid soap that we use to wash dishes with in the sink. They are not interchangeable. How’s a guy supposed to know that?

When I do laundry I still do not hesitate to wash my whites and my darks together especially if it is a small load. Does anyone really care or know? I don’t.

Can you change the bag on a vacuum cleaner? I try to avoid it because I don’t think I can.

What is wrong with a pound of bacon for breakfast, butter on your bread, or a large fry with lunch?

I am not sure what color your eyes are but I know they are pretty and that you have a couple of them.

I do not remember all the birth dates of our children but I know they are mine and I love them.

I don’t really think I am stupid but sometimes it appears that way when I do not pay attention to the details of life going on around me.  How’s a guy supposed to know that? Answer: Pay attention. A simple HighFive Your Life principle is to pay attention from time to time and learn from your spouse. It is amazing the kind of information you might pick up. For instance you might learn the middle names of your children or how the bills get paid or what school your kids attend. You also might be able to plan for a wedding anniversary if you knew the date to look for…the same goes for birthdays.

All in all, knowing some of these facts will help you ease into a long marriage with ol’ what’s her name. You will be a happier person with less emotional scarring for having paid attention to these seemingly small details. Plus, your clothes might even keep their original color and size.

HighFive Your Life Principle: Pay attention from time to time to the small details of life and learn from your spouse.

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One thought on “How’s A Guy Supposed to Know That?”

  1. That has “It’s a guy thing” written all over it!! ha ha How is it that you guys can fix most things, but do not understand that it DOES make a difference when your whites are blue or pink!!!! 🙂 And, of course, loading the dishwasher is way out there!!
    Luvs!!! 🙂

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