The Power of Observation

There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.

Will Rogers

     After the police arrived and questioned my girlfriend and me regarding the suspect it became apparent that I did not have the gift or power of observation. We had given him a ride in our car and were with him for maybe twenty minutes but when the police asked for his description and type of clothes he was wearing I was useless. She however, remembered everything about him. This happened many years ago.

More recently, my son asked permission for a small group to use the front entryway of our home in Utah to film a commercial. We live in Florida presently and did not mind helping them out. Later we found out that it went viral on the internet so we looked it up. It was a commercial for “Poo Pourri” and was a bit raunchy but had over 13 million views! I watched it but could not located our home in the piece.

Later my wife watched it and she started pointing out all of these shots that were pictures from the inside of my home. A couple of them are shown below. There’s my living room and piano and also the fireplace in the basement. How could I have missed those? My wife has incredible powers of observation and also the inability to forget anything. This combination is a sharp sword and I am a slab of ham waiting to be sliced.

photo (22)

photo (24)


      Why is it that when I am looking for something in the pantry and can’t find it, my wife can walk in and find it in seconds? Not just every now and then but every time! Why is it that when our kid’s friends come over she knows them by name and also what they have been doing lately?

My wife and maybe women in general just seem to be more observant than me and maybe men in general. Their power of observation is real and when you see it in action, it is actually the observation of power. When you have the ability to observe and to pay attention to details you establish power and give yourself the advantage over your adversary or in this case your husband.

Of course the husband could “observe” that when his wife always comes to his rescue and finds the bag of BBQ chips, it would mean that he has the power. She always comes and takes care of it for me he thinks. However, this is simply a mirage. If he “observed” that too often he would cease to get a rescue response from his wife and then he would no longer be able to find his BBQ chips or socks or keys. Therefore he doesn’t really have the power because he cannot exercise it without losing it which means that her power trumps.

This means that he might as well just retire once again to the TV and observe what goes on there safely away from the other observing and more powerful powers that may be in the home.

Hey hun…have you see the remote?

HighFive Your Life Principle: Observe more closely the details of life around you or love your wife more dearly and appreciate more fully the fact that she already does just that.

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One thought on “The Power of Observation”

  1. OHHH my goodness, Matt and I just watched the poopouri commerical this week passed and laughed very hard. A total sketch!

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