Sometimes You Just Have to Break the Window!

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”
Theodore Roosevelt

As luck would have it I met two beautiful flight attendants at a trade show in Orlando, Florida. It was a tourism trade show and both of our companies were working the show in our own booths. I was single and welcomed the opportunity to show them a good time later that night.

I arrived in my truck at their hotel to pick them up in the early evening. I think our plans were dinner and dancing. One of the things I remember most about that evening however is that when we got back to the truck I discovered that I had locked my keys inside. We were dressed and ready to hit the town and yet we were stuck outside my diesel. I had to think quickly and when that happens I think the blood flow to my brain somehow decreases.

I just got a hammer and busted out the small window on the door and the problem was solved. No worries, no hassle, not long wait..problem solved. We got in the truck and had a great evening.

I remember a story told about my father who worked most of his adult life running his drainage business. He was a worker who had little time for those that did not jump in and work at his side. One day he came up upon his crew who had apparently just hit a water pipe and water was everywhere. The crew was standing on dry land trying to figure out what their next step was. Dad didn’t hesitate and just waded into the water and mud and got to solving the problem. It only took seconds before the rest of the crew were wet and muddy and soon the problem was solved.

I am not recommending that you break out every window that gets in your way but sometimes you just need to solve the problem while others stand there thinking of a better way to solve it. Be reasonable but create movement and action so you can solve your immediate problem and therefore are able to get on to the more serious problem of how to entertain two flight attendants for the evening.

HighFive Your Life Principle: In problem solving there is a time to use kid gloves and precision timing such as when you are diffusing a bomb and there are other times when you just need to go get your hammer, solve the problem at hand and get on with the day’s actvities.

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