Family Quirks are Family Perks

“Sometimes I laugh so hard that the tears come down my legs.”
(Found on one family member’s refrigerator)

Without naming names, the ladies in my extended family have a hard time having a good laugh and staying dry. I didn’t get it at first but after multiple episodes I don’t hesitate to throw a towel in the car just in case we get on a funny topic over dinner. I don’t want to limit it to just dinner however. It can happen by an elevator, in the car, in Las Vegas….no place is immune from this outpouring of emotion.

All it takes is a good joke or a funny recollection and these bladderless beauties are helpless to stop the contagion. At first the laughs are stifled and then the legs are crossed and finally one by one the damage is done. It really gives new meaning to the Princess and the Pee fairy tale. All the guys just stand there in amazement, not sure how to respond. Okay…perhaps we are egging them on but we are still amazed.

Every family has its quirks. Some are sad…some are funny…some you hope nobody ever really knows about…some are just too outrageous to ever keep a secret. Part of the fiber of the extended family unit is the “did you hear that uncle…” type of discussions that go on after each family get together.

I for one am grateful for these quirks. The only real potential downside is when new people enter into the family through dating or marriage. Though every family has their quirks, not all quirks are the same.  I recommend a thorough prepping session before exposing new people to the quirkiest of what your family has to offer. Then watch them closely and see how they handle it. If they make it through most likely they will survive being in the family. If they don’t, it was better to get it out in the open, wash a few clothes, and move on than to have some outsider insult your family quirks.

Family quirks are family perks that are yours to own. They are special. They are proprietary. Only family members have the right to gossip about them in a degrading way. If the new person becomes a quirk jerk at least now you know the truth about them. Now the choice is yours…laughter and wet pants or a scowling disapproving newbie…I for one am buying diapers.

HighFive Your Life Principle: Embrace your family quirks as a natural part of having a family. You own them.

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