Crossing the Wrong Finish Line….New Year’s Resolutions.


How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.

Benjamin Franklin

As I neared the finish line of my first ever half marathon my adrenalin overcame my fatigue and I felt like I got stronger. I wanted to finish well and I felt a surge as I got closer and closer to the line. When I got there I realized that I had misjudged and I was not at the finish line at all but still had another full block to go. I had to do a quick mental and physical adjustment and finally finished the race at the correct finish line.

This year as you are contemplating personal goals for 2014 consider a few following suggestions:

1. Make sure your goal is the right one for you…the correct finish line if you will. This takes a little more pondering and thought but should be ultimately much more meaningful. Instead of having a goal to lose 50 pounds, a better goal might be to live a more healthy lifestyle which includes exercise and eating healthy foods. It may include joining an organization such as Weight Watchers and attending faithfully their meetings.

2. Keep your goals short, simple and concise. A long drawn out explanation of support and reasoning and details of how you are  going to accomplish it could be written in a journal if you have time but in your new resolutions, precision and clarity in as few words as possible will probably work better for you.

3. Include in your resolutions a goal of gratitude. Thank you cards and expressions of love will bring you ample peace and love in return.

4. If you are a check list person give yourself a break. The goal is not to have a resolution and then check it off. The goal is to enjoy and grow from the process of achieving your goals and improving your situation.

5. The time line of a year is just something to help us wrap up our goals and tie a bow around them. It seems to help us to have a timeline but let’s remember that life is our timeline. Goals and resolutions that help us renew our zeal and zest for life are helpful. There is value in re-energizing and starting fresh. There is deeper value in finding a groove where your life gradually lines up with your philosophies  of life where what you feel and think are what you do and say.

HighFive Your Life Principle: Use the New Year to start fresh and continue the work of lining up your actions with your thoughts.

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