How Long Can a Spider Crawl On You Before You Notice It?

“May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house”.

      George Carlin

IMG_0060 (2)

I was mowing the lawn near dusk the other day and went back into an area that had not been mowed in a while. There were logs and limbs and vines everywhere. I normally am pretty good at spotting a spider web but this time I missed it and drove right into it. I hate that feeling and immediately began brushing off my head and  shoulders in case the spider had gotten on me. I had on a hat and sweatshirt but the hood of the sweatshirt was not on my head. I felt a sense of urgency and wailed at the unseen but possible threat lurking behind me.

All seemed okay as I backed out and continued mowing the rest of the yard. A couple of minutes passed and suddenly  I felt something on my neck. I quickly wailed at it and sure enough the huge spider fall on my leg. It gives me the creeps to even think about it again. I knocked it into the grass and kept mowing. As I came back around I found the spider crawling in the grass and a few days later the spider in the picture had a web close by. I assume it was the same one. He (or she) is about 3 inches across.

The thought that this spider was crawling on me for a couple of minutes before I noticed it makes me shutter! I suppose my thick layer of clothes gave me some protection. I should have hopped off the mower sooner and had somebody else take a look to see if I had a spider on my back but I didn’t take the time.

What uncertain things do you have lurking out there in your life that are waiting to bite you in the back at some unforeseen point in the future? Instead of living your life with the worry, stress and fear, go take care of it and get things out in the open so that you can see a clear way forward. Even if the outcome is painful, better to take in on your terms instead of being surprised by it later on. Identify the threat and do your best to neutralize it. The threat could be credit cards out of control, or poor eating or drinking habits or an intersection that needs a stop sign. Take the time to get help if you need it. How long will you let the spider crawl on you before you notice it and take action?

HighFive Your Life Principle: Don’t let threats linger. Get them in front of you so that they do not sneak up and bite you from behind.

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One thought on “How Long Can a Spider Crawl On You Before You Notice It?”

  1. Good thought! However, a much kinder person than I…… left the spider alive to strike again???!!! There would have been a spider funeral within the minute!! 🙂

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