If the Shoe Fits…You’re lucky!

“I’m not the judge. You know, God didn’t tell me to go around judging everybody.”
Joel Osteen

I discovered recently that as you get older, your shoe size may change. It felt like my 10 ½ shoes which I have worn my whole adult life, were feeling too snug so I asked the shoe salesman about it. He told me that as you get older, the arch in your foot may decrease making your foot a little longer. I now have to buy a shoe size bigger than before! I confirmed it this week with a foot and ankle specialist.

Who knew??

We are so used to using the cliche, “if the shoe fits wear it”, that it made me ponder, what happens when the shoe does not fit but everyone else thinks it should? Typically, we hear that phrase used when somebody is trying to imply that we are responsible for some situation and that we need to recognize it.

However, our lives change as we grow older. As our situations change, so too may our priorities. Our feelings about debt and risk verses security are different at 60 verses 30. Our concern about our personal well-being is expanded to include our children and grandchildren. We worry about things that used to not even be on our radar screen.

As we progress through life, what used to be a situation that would demand our attention and concern, may just not matter anymore. If we do not recognize that possibility in others, we may jump too soon to the conclusion that they should be wearing a certain shoe because we think it fits when in reality, it doesn’t fit at all. Their lives have changed and we may not have accounted for it if we are too quick to judge.

So if the shoe still fits someone they are lucky! But the possibility exists that their life has moved on and it is not completely obvious to those around them. I think the wise old owl would tell is to slow down our judging just a little.

For all we know, the person we are judging may have decided to figuratively, just go barefoot and not wear a shoe at all!

HighFive Your Life Principle: Be careful and slow to judge people as things in life change and nobody sees it all.

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