Who Laughs at Your Bad Habits?

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”
Benjamin Franklin

Tomorrow I go into the hospital to have my left shoulder totally replaced. From what I understand, there is a lot of drilling and bone cutting and later, a significant amount of time spent in rehab. The only reason I am excited about doing it is that presently the pain is unbearable and movement extremely limited. I am fortunate that I can find a few places where I can move my arm to escape the pain.

Amidst all of this pain and shoulder trauma drama, I realized how hard it is to break a habit. For years without thinking about it, I have grabbed the shampoo bottle with my right hand and squirted it into my left hand which in turn went immediately to my hair while my right hand put away the shampoo bottle.

Recently, It has been amazing to me  that each time I get into the shower and wash my hair, I realize too late that I just put shampoo into my hand that I cannot lift even close to being able to deliver the shampoo to my head..it hurts way too much. Why can’t I remember to put the shampoo in my right hand? It seems so simple, especially when it hurts so much to do it the wrong way. Even since I have written the first draft of this blog, I have placed the shampoo in the wrong hand. Each time I do this, I want to hit myself in the head for being such a knucklehead but I would probably use the wrong hand to do that too!

Alas, we all have these nagging little habits that are so hard to change even when pain is involved. The list is endless. Clearly our bad habits are there to entertain the angels in heaven or the devils far below. It all depends on who is receiving the pain. If you hurt only yourself and it is a meaningless activity (like washing my hair), I am sure an angel must giggle. However, when our bad habits are painful to others and or are significantly harmful to ourselves, I am sure the roar of laughter comes from below.

These are the bad habits we need to work on. It may take all of our brain power and will to change it but we can and we must. You just have to outsmart yourself. Move things around, change your pattern, ask for help, get a shoulder replaced…write a blog. Chances are you will see some improvement over time and that means less pain for you and/or someone else.

It is okay to entertain the angels but don’t give the pleasure of this kind of entertainment to the other side.

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