Leaving Home Tomorrow

As we get older, we appreciate the times we have shared with family and friends more and more. I wrote this song in my twenties when I was getting ready to be away from home for awhile. Now my kids have left our home and we see the circle of life continue.

I know some of our family and friends in Kissimmee will recognize some of these pictures in the short video clip below. I love my family and I love my friends. Gary

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8 thoughts on “Leaving Home Tomorrow”

  1. Gary… Wow! I very much enjoyed that. You had a great deal of foresight at a young age. Hope all is well. Big “hello’s” and hugs to everyone from Marta and I, please! Ern

  2. OMG…AWESOME! I really enjoyed the lyrics and dynamic voice. The lyrics really mean a lot to me, because I KNOW YOU and your loved ones. And also, I KNEW YOU when. Cheers…Marta

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