May I Just Have Pizza?

My wife readily admits she is not a good cook though in my opinion, she orders pizza or Chinese just fine. Yesterday I walked into our home to find a piece of camphor tree boiling in a pot on our stove. Granted it was for medicinal purposes but it did not do much to help out her ailing cooking reputation. Admittedly, she could care less about that reputation and is not trying to even prop it up in the least.

She recently read online of the medicinal value of camphor and since we have a yard full of camphors, she decided to give it a try. I have had a head cold for a couple of days and so I held my head over the vapors emitting from the pot of boiling tree parts and wafted some camphor fumes my way. As I did so, I reminded my wife that the internet had also indicated that some types of camphors were poisonous. She did not disagree.

I stopped the process. Will somebody get me some NyQuil and order me a pizza? Somewhere somebody needs to substantiate how the common cold can be cured by a nice large hot pepperoni pizza. I have tried for decades and will continue to run trials to see if I can prove that it is effective. If we can just prove it works, it will be a win win for everybody and also save the camphors. I think an alternative cure may be also found in frozen yogurt or Hershey kisses.

So as I sacrifice my body in the name of medicine, I implore all of those who read this to also help me solve the problem of the common cold. Please send me your suggestions but no need to hurry. I think the pepperoni pizza is making me feel a little better already.

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