My Wife Is Not a Turtle…but

“A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars.”
Carly Simon

I was surprised this week as I came around the fire pit in my yard, to find a softshell turtle. It was immediately apparent that the shell on this turtle had been crushed and yet here she was, some 100 yards from the lake, laying her eggs.


One can only imagine the epic battle she went through, probably in the jaws of a gator. What helped her escape? Did her outer armor do its job and the gator just finally give up? We will never know, but it is clear, that for this survivor, life goes on.

I am touched by this example. She probably does not swim through the water with ease as she used to when her shell was sleek and perfect. She may have aches and pains as she moves around…and yet she keeps moving…she keeps pushing…she keeps living.

Now I am the first to insist that I am not comparing my wife to this old battle scarred reptile…but you know…there is honor in making it through many of the challenges that life throws our way. Raising kids, earning a living, running a home, being an awesome mom and wife…all of that takes its toll. But when a woman makes it through all of that, she has earned the love, respect and admiration of generations.

Now some men may seek the sleek…the shell that has not been tested by the battles of life. That is a shell game that risks losing what is really good and lasting about life for what is temporary and empty.

Again, I insist that I am not comparing my beautiful wife to this turtle…but you know…when I am in life’s mud and swamps, I want to be with someone that has paid the price and survived the battles.

No comparison intended but…even if she seems like a snapper from time to time, life is so much better having created awesome memories with someone that I can share and speak with of the rest of my life. And if she thinks I am a loggerhead at times, it just shows how perceptive and wise her age has made her.

And even if she has spent most of her adult life as a “gopher”…gopher this kid’s forgotten homework or gopher that kid’s medicine…she has done it with the energy and zeal that would make any of her reptilian counterparts jealous…that is if she had any reptilian counterparts…

No…I am happy with the old battle axe…not to make any comparisons to weapons of war…She has cared for me when my shell has been broken and put me back together better than Humpty Dumpty’s men. Her battle scars are what make her sleek and attractive and I would shell out anything to be by her side forever.

I am not comparing her to a turtle or anything close but if she were in a race with a hare, I would bet on her.

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